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My earring designs are unique, original, fun loving, one of a kind created especially for the ocean lover. I am enchanted with abalone shell and have many styles of abalone earrings to choose from including enhancing the beauty of the abalone shell with bead work in both bead embroidery and bead weaving styles. A wide range of styles from affordable simple designs to the more intricate and elaborate. All my earrings are inspired by the ocean and include many materials found at the beach. Sea glass, sea pottery, shells of many types (but my fave is abalone shell) All the beach finds and sea treasures are found by me on my local beaches. Genuine sea glass, beach glass, sea pottery, sea shells and abalone shell are drilled and shaped and polished by me to give you a most unique handmade product. Recently I have expanded into weaving and embroidering with beads, my love for all things that swim has expanded my water themed earrings to include fish of the fanciful and factual varieties. I truly enjoy the creative process, many of my designs are dreamed up while I am swimming. I hope you will find something here that will make you smile.


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