I love creating jewelry from my beach finds. I draw much of my inspiration from the natural world, especially all things swimming in the water 🐟

All items are one of a kind but don’t be sad if you missed out on something, just let me know and I will do my best to create it’s doppelgänger. Also, many items on my IG feed may be available but not yet listed so always ask😊

Currently I’m not set up for inter national shipping but I am happy to do so on request.

Thank you for coming by!
💛 Ann


I love your work – its so creative. I bought two abalone pairs for my daughter. Julie/ Santa Cruz

Please take a look through all these beautiful treasures from the sea and buy one or two – they are filling up our house  THANKS!  Husband/Bob

Mendo Gems earrings are simply the best earrings I have ever worn. I have given away most of my other earrings and am now adorning myself with the beautiful abalone that is so exquisitely crafted by Mendo gems.
-Kami McBride/ Sebastopol

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